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Common decorating and furnishing faux pas that we all make

From wall testers to DIY projects, to the wrong statement pieces and everything in between. Here are some common decorating mistakes that we may have all made at some point in our lives.

1. Tempting fate and not prepping the wall

It’s very exciting when you’re re-decorating especially if you haven’t decorated in a while or if you are in a new house. There are many factors that decide whether your new look is going to actually look good one is the condition of the wall you are painting. Make sure it is in good condition. Fill any cracks, holes and if the whole wall is terrible, you may need it re-skimming.

2.  Not actually testing that new “bold” colour

We love it when people decide to go bold in their home, but you should always test the colour before actually painting the whole wall. What do you get if you don’t? A colour that looks nothing like it did in the tin and a colour you like but don’t love!


3. Disastrous DIY

We’re not saying don’t have a go, by all means go ahead, another thing we love is people wanting to have a go and get crafty and channel their inner painter/crafter/carpenter. But some people simply aren’t cut out for DIY projects and the best thing to do is to go to the experts.

4. That White or Bright item

The piece of furniture or furnishing that everyone avoids like the plague through fear of spilling coffee or wine on it. You know what what we’re talking about. Or it’s that item that stands out, for all the wrong reasons. Pick things that work in the room and if you do have a statement piece choose carefully as it will be what everyone is drawn to when they come into the room.

5. Not prepping wood work

Things like skirting boards and stair rails suffer a lot of wear and tear, particularly if you have pets or children. So they may need some prep work like filling and sanding before you apply your new paint.

6. Quick Fixes

Some quick fixes can actually last you a long time. However there are some thing that should just be fixed properly. Don’t replace broken furniture with cheap alternatives: avoid having to spend money twice over when you re-replace that broken chair.

7. Hanging photos, art and mirrors

It sounds simple enough a task but it’s so easy to get wrong especially if you don’t have a helping eye. You will find things ending too high up the wall or too far to the right of where you wanted it to be.

8. Wallpapering is not easy for everyone

Wallpapering and finding that there is a paste EVERYWHERE, air pockets, lots of air pockets, gaps between the wallpaper strips and peeling edges only a week or so after you’ve papered. These are particularly true if you’ve never papered before, unless you’re a natural, but don’t worry you’ll get there - it just takes practice.

9. Using the wrong paint

‘Why should I buy wood work paint when it’s the same colour as the wall?’ It’s wood work paint for a reason, it’s tougher and made to uphold against the wears of everyday life. Make sure you get the right paint for the job otherwise you will find yourself redoing it later.

10. Not looking after your tools

Not cleaning your brushes or rollers properly can effect your next paint job. The brushes might not be as soft or you might have dried paint bits in the brush hairs meaning you won’t have a smooth finish next time you paint. Make sure your tools are cleaned properly after every job.

If you’ve got the paint, wallpaper but don’t want to do the job, call in the professionals! Businesses like ours are happy to come and give your rooms a new lease of life. If you would like a quote from us then, call, 07922 752 404.

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JMK Interior Finishing Ltd recently completed two bathrooms in my home. A shower/wet room and a bathroom with freestanding bath. The fittings and tiles were chosen by me. The materials used by JMK were top quality. As was the workmanship i.e plumbing and tiling. They were prompt polite clean workers and very professional.
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