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Designing an office to maximise your creativity

If you work from home it may be hard to get the creative juices flowing especially if your home office isn’t working for you. Here are a few tips to getting your home office perfect for creativity.

Keep It Light

We suggest using a light room for your office as it will keep you wake and feeling fresh longer. If your room doesn’t get enough light opt for light colours in the room and pops of colour if you cannot bare to go completely white.

Go Minimalist, Be Bare

Keeping the colours and arrangement of the room plain and simple are beneficial in getting those creative juices flowing, think of it as a blank canvas and your ideas are the decoration.

Cut the Clutter

They say a tidy room is a tidy mind, so if you are struggling to keep focussed it may be time to de-clutter but keep a few ornaments and features for inspiration.

If you’re thinking of giving your home office an overhaul why not use our professional decorating services to design your perfect creative space. Give us a call today.

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JMK Interior Finishing Ltd recently completed two bathrooms in my home. A shower/wet room and a bathroom with freestanding bath. The fittings and tiles were chosen by me. The materials used by JMK were top quality. As was the workmanship i.e plumbing and tiling. They were prompt polite clean workers and very professional.
Judith Routledge

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